Welcome To Coventry Nursery School | Christian Preschool in Pottstown PA 19465

Welcome to Coventry Nursery School! We are a Christian preschool sponsored by Coventry Church of the Brethren. At Coventry Nursery School, we will  grow : spiritually, socially, academically, and physically .

We are a Christian nursery school, so we will spend time each day in God’s word. There is SO much to learn from the Bible and it’s never too early to start reading it, no matter how young we are! We will explore some Bible stories, learn about how God created our world and everything in it (including us!), and hear all about Jesus’ love for us. We will also learn about the true reason to celebrate Christmas and Easter, and explore the fruits of the spirit as we interact with others. The curriculum we use is ABC Jesus Loves Me, which offers both Christian education and academics with a developmentally-appropriate approach.

Nursery school provides a great place to meet new buddies and have a chance to grow socially. So neat to see children learn to take turns, help a friend, solve a problem, make up games, play together and learn a bit of independence as they spend some time away from their parents and/or siblings. There will be a lot of opportunities for social growth during free play and other times in our mornings at school! Because so much learning takes place during play, we will spend time each morning playing.

Children need to move and wiggle, so there will be plenty of time for that! We will do some movement songs and games, play outside when the weather is nice, and have plenty of time to free-play each morning at school. Our playground offers many places to swing, climb, run, slide, and hang, all important to children’s physical development. For days with inclement weather, we can play games and do exercises in the gym. Children can practice different fine-motor skills when drawing, cutting with scissors, playing with playdoh, playing games and puzzles, and doing crafty things. It’s amazing how well children can sit and engage in a lesson if they have plenty of opportunities to move their bodies and get their wiggles out!

What’s a school without learning some academics too?   While nursery school is about way more than academics, it’s not too young to start learning about our language, our number system, the world around us, and the people in it. Some topics in our three-year old class include colors, shapes, patterns, weather, seasons, calendar, counting, and saying the alphabet. Pre-K children will continue the topics from the three-year-old class in addition to writing numbers, sorting, identifying and continuing patterns, recognizing and writing letters, knowing letter sounds, comparing, and exploring topics such as our senses, nature, and holidays. Those are just some of the things we will be learning about in school!‚Äč
Even though your child will only spend a few hours each week at nursery school, we can help your child grow in each of these areas by having a developmentally–appropriate environment, schedule, and activities that encourage them to grow.